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Water Pumps

Choose Tru-Flow™ water pumps for
optimum engine performance.

NAPA Tru-Flow™ water pumps are precision engineered and manufactured for OE fit, form and function for cars and light trucks, heavy duty, agriculture, construction and marine applications. Extremely wide coverage assures you that there is a Tru-Flow new replacement pump for nearly any vehicle on the road.

Every pump is outfitted with a one-piece bearing assembly and unified seal that ensures maximum bearing life and leak-free operation, and a precisely balanced impeller to provide the specified coolant flow for optimum engine performance. NAPA Tru-Flow water pumps are covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

NAPA Tru-Flow OE-Exact Electric Water Pumps feature OE-exact construction and cover more than 7.6 million VIO. With increasingly complex heating and cooling needs in the market, some newer vehicles require multiple electric water pumps. To learn more about this rapid growth opportunity, download our Electric Water Pumps sell sheet.  

Download a Tru-Flow water pump catalog to find the right pump for your application.

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