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Gates Complete Kit Calculator for Technicians
This Serpentine Kit Calculator was designed for technicians to compute potential earnings from installing Gates Complete Serpentine Kits, as opposed to just the individual accessory components. Technicians will be able to project earning potential by adjusting the percentage of Serpentine Kits they may sell, with consideration of a few determining factors. Factors included are the technician’s hourly rate, the number of individual belts per month the technician typically sells, as well as how many belt driven accessories are sold without a belt.

Current Commission

Potential Commission

Annual Profit Potential

Annual Satisfied Customers

Risk Of Comebacks This Year

*This calculator implies a Serpentine Kit price of $200, an individual belt price of $50, 0.5 hours of labor for replacing an individual belt, and 1.5 hours of labor for replacing a Serpentine Kit. It should be used as a reference only and is not intended to accurately depict every scenario.