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Hydraulic Hose | NAPA Belts & Hose

Gates Hydraulic Hose meets or beats SAE specs,
and bends in half the radius.

Gates Hydraulics offers an appropriate hose type for any application where peak performance is desired. All hydraulic hose meets or exceeds SAE specifications for its type. And most Gates hose allows a tighter bend radius than the SAE specification requires— as much as half— for easier routing and a significant reduction in hose length requirements. Most hose types are also available with the unique abrasion-resistant MegaTuff® cover.

  • Very High Pressure and Extremely High Pressure Hose is reinforced with four or six alternating layers of spiraled, high tensile steel to handle working pressures up to 6,000 PSI, at bursting pressures up to 24,000 PSI.
  • High Pressure Hose is reinforced with two braids of high tensile steel wire for working pressures of 1,175 PSI up to 6,000 PSI for smaller diameters, and burst pressures between 5,500 and 24,000 PSI.
  • Medium Pressure Hose is reinforced with one braid of either fiber or high tensile steel. Working pressures range from 300 PSI to 3,625 PSI for smaller diameters, at burst pressures ranging from 1,200 to 14,500 PSI.
  • Low Pressure Hose is reinforced with one to three fiber braids or double spiral textile with helical wire inserts to prevent collapse, and can accommodate working pressures up to 350 PSI at bursting pressures up to 1,400 PSI.

Special-Purpose Hoses are also included in the Gates Hydraulics line, used for applications such as petroleum or ester fluids, high temperature, marine, air brake, LPG, compressed air, hot oil, power steering and A/C refrigerant. These are reinforced with braids of nylon, polyester, aramid or steel.

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