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52 Condenser

Minimize warranty claims and comebacks with
the right A/C system solutions from NAPA.

NAPA Heating/Cooling Group provides a complete line of heavy duty temperature control products including compressors, condensers, evaporators, filter driers, expansion valves, hose assemblies, fittings, fluids and tools. All parts are manufactured to OE fit, form & function. The NAPA Temp offering also includes: 

  • Chemicals, lubricants, flush and other fluids
  • Sensors, switches, blower motors and electronics
  • Valve cores, fittings, adapters and service valves & caps
  • Accumulator/receiver driers, filters and orifice tubes
  • Gaskets, O-rings and seals
  • Tools and testing equipment.


The PolarSeal®II Barrier Hose system is designed for easy retrofit and field assembly of barrier hose on heavy duty vehicles. Hose runs are installed first — without fittings attached — so it is easier to install, and smaller openings can be used to route the hose through the chassis and body. The fittings are then attached with double-banded clamps, using specially-designed hand tools.

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