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Heavy Duty Coolant Hose | NAPA Belts & Hose

Today’s heavy duty vehicles demand
high performance hose.

Modern heavy duty vehicles have smaller engine compartments and more emissions equipment and engine accessories than in the past, resulting in exceeding high underhood temperatures. NAPA offers an array of coolant and heater hose options that are resistant to electro-chemical degradation— the leading cause of coolant hose failure— and compatible with today’s “environmentally safe” and “long life” coolant formulations.

NAPA Heavy Duty options include: FleetFlex® Gold Molded, 4-Ply Reinforced, Wire-Inserted, and Hump Coolant Hose; Silicone Coolant Hose in straight lengths and 45º and 90º elbows; FleetFlex® Gold Heater Hose; and Silicone Heater Hose.

PowerGrip Hose Clamps are thermoplastic clamps that are heat-shrunk to conform to any shape, never need retightening and prevent cold leaks— a major cause of coolant loss on heavy duty vehicles.

Turbocharger Hose

Turbocharger Hose is specially compounded for use as a short, flexible connector between the air intake and the turbocharger. It can also be used for turbocharger air discharge. Its highly visible orange color helps distinguish it from engine coolant hose to ensure that it is used in appropriate applications.

NAPA Belts/Hose Turbocharger Hose can tolerate high temperatures & pressures, and resists coolants, weathering and ozone. It is approved for marine applications. All meet or exceed OEM specifications.

NAPA Belts/Hose Turbocharger Hose is available in straight lengths of 3” to 36” with ID’s of 1” to 4”. It is constructed of a silicone elastomer inner liner reinforced with woven fiberglass fabric and coated with orange silicone rubber.

Operating temperature rating:
-60°F to +550°F (-51°C to +260°C)

Fleetflex Gold Turbocharger Hose (Ring-Retained) is designed for turbocharged Class 8 and heavy-duty diesel engines. The multi-hump design isolates vibration and absorbs rotational shock. Depending on application, hose is engineered with three or four steel rings to maintain design integrity.

NAPA Belts/Hose® Ring Retained Turbocharger Hose is constructed of a four-layer silicone body with aramid fiber reinforcement for maximum durability. Ring-retained hose is available in lengths of 6”-8” in diameters of 3”, 3 ½”, and 4”.

Operating temperature rating:
-60º F to +500º F (-51º C to +260º C).

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