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Fleet Micro V

NAPA FleetRunner® Micro-V® heavy duty serpentine belts
deliver up to three times the working life of other belts.

Modern heavy duty vehicles typically have smaller engine compartments and higher operating temperatures than older models. Emission control devices add additional load and heat. FleetRunner Micro-V Serpentine Belts are the optimum solution for these modern engines. Low in profile and extremely flexible, multi-ribbed belts can accommodate smaller pulleys, tight turns and backside idlers that modern accessory drive systems employ.

NAPA FleetRunner belts, with the distinctive green overcord, help keep trucks, emergency vehicles, school buses and heavy equipment operating longer than any other belt. A patented blend of elastomers and super-tough reinforcement delivers up to three times the working life of other belts.

Download a NAPA FleetRunner Belt Brochure. You can also learn about the FleetRunner Hi-Temp Straight Coolant Hose by clicking here.

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