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Barricade Fuel Line Hose | NAPA Belts & Hose

Choose fuel hose for today’s toughest fuels
and avoid performance problems.

There are many fuel types on the market today: gasoline, ethanol, methanol, E85, diesel, biodiesel and more. Nevertheless, knowing which fuel hose to stock isn’t complicated. New Barricade® from NAPA Belts/Hose with Greenshield® technology has five layers of protection that ensure that even the most corrosive fuels – such as ethanol – can’t destroy the hose, potentially resulting in engine damage or other performance problems.

Service dealers and fleet customers routinely work on engines that use a wide variety of fuels and fuel mixtures, and technicians need to know that the fuel hose that they use won’t degrade and cause engine problems later. Barricade hose is available in two versions: for carbureted engines and for use with fuel injection. It can also be used on small engines such as mowers and snowmobiles.

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