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Timing Belt

Long-lasting NAPA Timing Belts
deliver high fuel efficiency.

Engines designed with timing belt drives are more powerful and fuel-efficient than engines with chain drives. Timing belt drives produce less system friction than timing chains, which allows means more engine power to be delivered to the drive train. Timing belts do not stretch as they are used, which means timing accuracy remains constant, delivering higher fuel efficiency over the life of the engine.

Most NAPA Belts/Hose Timing Belts are constructed of Highly Saturated Nitrile (HSN) for superior heat and contamination resistance. Premium high-strength tensile members prevent stretching, and aramid reinforced nylon jackets and back side jackets deliver longer life and reduced wear. Other special-application timing belts may be constructed of Neoprene or High Temperature Neoprene (HTN).

NAPA Belts/Hose provides the most extensive coverage in the automotive parts industry for import or domestic vehicles.

Timing Belt Kits

It's a good idea to replace the hard car parts when changing a timing belt. Pulleys and idlers wear out over time, and typically, getting to the timing belt requires significant disassembly. NAPA Belts/Hose Timing Component Kits make it easy to do the job right: all the replacement auto parts you need in one box, with single-number ordering.

Download the NAPA Belts/Hose Timing Belt Brochure for more information, or download a brochure on Hydraulic Tensioner Damper. Learn more about industry repair solutions by downloading information on NAPA Belt Drive/Cooling System Kits.

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