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DriveAlign Automatic Tensioners | NAPA Belts & Hose

NAPA Belts/Hose automatic belt tensioners help
extend belt, bearing and accessory life.

The belt tensioner ensures that an engine's Accessory Belt Drive System functions at its highest efficiency, with minimum noise and vibration. DriveAlign® tensioners from NAPA Belts/Hose feature a number of patented improvements that provide longer life, superior performance and smoother operation.

The lubrication-free pivot bearing ensures proper pulley alignment over millions of duty cycles, while the shoe damper reduces vibration and noise, increasing belt and tensioner life. The flat springs found in many value-line tensioners require lubrication, which accumulates dirt and grime that can rust or seize the spring. The round cross-section springs in NAPA Belts/Hose DriveAlign tensioners do not require lubrication and can’t trap foreign materials between the coils. The labyrinth seal provides superior resistance to the intrusion of contaminants in the first place, making NAPA Belts/Hose DriveAlign the best performing tensioners for any vehicle.

Download an Introduction to Accessory Belt Drive Systems to learn about belt tensioner wear and replacement or info on the Accessory Belt Hardware Kit.

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