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The Most Advanced Serpentine Belt in the Marketplace

The Accessory Belt Drive System is one of the most important subsystems on a modern motor vehicle. The ABDS keeps the engine running smoothly and efficiently, supplies electric power for ignition, lights and accessories, and provides a comfortable environment in the passenger compartment.

Most cars and light trucks on the road today utilize a multi-ribbed serpentine belt that provides superior power transmission, greater flexibility, and longer life than the V-belts that are used on older vehicles. The NEW NAPA Belts/Hoses Power OE Series Serpentine Belts are the strongest, longest-lasting belts available for serpentine belt drives in the automotive aftermarket.  

* Matched OE size, materials and construction

* Adaption to OE specifications

* Quietest and highest performing belts available

* Reduces noise, vibration and premature failure

To learn more about the most advanced serpentine belt from the #1 Worldwide OE Belt Supplier, check out the NAPA Belts/Hoses Power OE flyer.  

Interested in Serpentine Belt Training?  Check out our NAPA Belts/Hoses Power OE and Serpentine Belt training session.  

Micro-V® Stretch Fit® self-tensioning belts are specially made, patented V-belts for secondary drive systems, such as the A/C compressor, power steering pump, or water pump. These belts are slightly shorter than standard Micro-V belt, and maintain proper tension without the need for tensioners, adjustable pulleys, or moveable components. Stretch Fit belts are for belt replacement on self-tensioning applications only, and are not interchangeable with standard V-ribbed belts.

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