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11 Belts

A NAPA Belts/Hose automotive belt delivers original
equipment fit, form and function for cars and light trucks.

Cars and light trucks employ several types of automotive belts for various functions. Multi-ribbed serpentine belts are used to operate the components of the Accessory Belt Drive System (ABDS). This system can include the water pump, A/C compressor, alternator and fuel pump. Older vehicles may use conventional V-belts to power these systems.

A timing belt drive is used to coordinate the motion of the engine’s pistons and valves. Often the timing belt is also used to power the water pump. NAPA Belts/Hose provides the highest-quality, OE- equivalent automotive belts in a wide offering, covering 98% of the domestic and import car and light truck market.

To learn more, download the Micro-V Belt Wear Alert document and the Stretch Fit Brochure.

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Learn how to diagnose misalignment using the DriveAlign® Laser Alignment Tool.

belt wear gauge

The all-new NAPA Belt/Hoses Belt Wear Gauge was designed with input from professional automotive technicians. It is easy to use and gives instant pass / fail results. You can use it on or off the vehicle, one-handed, and even in places where you can’t see.  Click here to see the new belt wear gauge instruction card, or watch the NAPA Belts/Hoses Serpentine System video below which features the new belt wear gauge.

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