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41 Superstats

SuperStat thermostats deliver superior performance.

NAPA Thermostats offers thermostats for both light- and heavy-duty applications. For passenger vehicles and light trucks, SuperStat thermostats feature innovations that deliver superior performance to conventional thermostats. The patented V-notch, non-linear design prevents on/off cycling that allows other thermostats to flood the engine with coolant, subjecting it to temperature shocks. The SuperStat gradually meters coolant as the engine warms, until optimum operating temperature is reached.

A wide offering of OE-equivalent thermostats is available for exact-match applications. High-quality, stainless steel and brass components ensure proper fit, high strength, long life and efficient operation.

Learn more about SuperStat Thermostats.

Growing opportunity with Integrated Thermostat Housings.

Stay organized with the Gasket and Seals Board.
NAPA Integrated Thermostat Housings

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